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One more word on POD

POD, print-on-demand. That’s vanity publishing, right? Wrong. Print-on-demand is a book printing technology, and vanity publishing is a business model. It’s pineapples and ugly-fruit. So why is it that tradition publishers, book review organizations, and others in the trade insist on conflating the two? “We don’t accept POD books for review,” says one book review […]

Book Release Party and Reception for Shelley Davidow

The Habit of Rainy Nights Press is hosting a Book Release Party and Reception for Shelley Davidow and her memoir, The Eye of the Moon, on Thursday, August 9th, 7:00 pm at The Hundreth Monkey Studio, 120 SE 16th Ave in Portland (SE 16th & Ankeny, one block south of Burnside). You are invited to […]

No more AOL addresses on our mailing list

Although we have only opt-in mailing lists, a newsletter we sent out was evidently flagged as spam. Our website host said the likely culprit is AOL, which is notorious for reporting legitimate mail to its customers as spam. We ourselves receive huge amounts of spam every day, so we understand the need for very strong […]