The latest news: moving, new offerings, website changes

First on the list is our big move. In late July we will be packing up and heading to Milepost 5, an arts community in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood. Montavilla is our old stomping ground, where Elohi Gadugi/The Habit of Rainy Nights Press was born. We are excited about the move and being in the midst of a creative community of artists, musicians, writers, and poets. We plan to have a big bash in late September or early October, so look for the announcement.

The Habit of Rainy Nights Press is in the process of selecting new offerings for fall and spring. We will be making announcements in a few weeks time, but it looks like we have a couple of very promising manuscripts.

The Germaine Truth is officially in Archive status. There have been no new posts for three years now, but it has been difficult for us to let it go. It is not necessarily dead, and all of the stories can still be accessed as usually, but lacking some new burst of energy, we are on hiatus. It’s been fun!

Other website development is also on hiatus as I put all of my creative energy into finishing my trilogy and doing the best job I can marketing books for our authors.

While I’m at it, thank you to all who have supported our literary endeavors. We hope to have more and better things to come.